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Kindergarten Links / Recursos de kíndergarten by mlbecker2
Mouse Skills
Use these games to improve mouse accuracy.
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Typing / Mecanografía
Math / Matemáticas
IXL, Envision, and more.
Figuras geométricas
Literacy Center learning games in Spanish: shapes.
Starfall: Geometry and Shapes
Learning Games from Starfall
Math, language arts, and more.
¿Qué color es?
Story Place
PBS Kids 3-2-1 Snack Alphabetical Order
ABCYa Letter Match
Match Lower and Upper Case Letters.
Coding for Kinder and 1st Grade
Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp
PBS and Smithsonian's game that teaches movement and motion with animals at the zoo.
10 Frame
NCTM's 10 Frame game
HBSchool Think Math
Math games for kindergarteners.
Starfall Learn to Read (English)
Animals for Kindergarteners
Animal games for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners from Sheppard Software.
Animals / Los animales
Kinderweb Games
PBS Kids Games - all levels
ABCYA's Kinder Games
Peep and the Big Wide World
Science and math games, activities, and videos.
El mundo divertido de Peep
Science and math games, activities, and videos in Spanish.
PBS Kids Caillou
Games, read along stories, and more.
Para los padres / For Parents
Digital Citizenship