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Programming: Getting started by scottmckaycom
START HERE->Hour of Code
The best place to start. Variety of options for multiple ages/levels of challenge (and literacy).
Create with Scratch! Block based computer programming that is powerful, flexible and easy to use.
Video Training for Scratch
Three great things: 1. The getting started video. 2.Videos to add code to make things move, inte
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Google's CS First Materials
Excellent quality project ideas based on Scratch
Scratch Ed
Community of Teacher's Using Scratch
Another block based programming training tool.
Khan Academy
High School appropriate - Large number of real world skills that get into the SCIENCE of CompSci
High School appropriate-Many options/languages/opportunities.
REQUIRES Install-Kodu
Microsoft's learn to code environment is 3d and easy to get started. Ability to export games to play
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$ubscription - Code Combat - Not really recommende
Learning to code becomes 'gameified' - furthermay require $, in App purchases, and requires sign in